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Icarus is a brand new take on the famous party brawler franchise, created by Maximum Crinkle Games.

Set in the Ancient Greece of mythology, Icarus invites players to become punished mortals who fight at the behest of the Olympian Gods in an epic battle to kick each other into the sun. Avoid the Chimera as it attacks with deadly fireballs above the Acheron swampland. Evade the legendary Hydra above the Aegean Sea, beneath the towering Thera volcano on the picturesque island of Santorini. Use powerful weapons and call upon the wrath of the Gods to smite your opponents and be the last one standing.

Icarus is for players who want to belt ten types of hell out of their friends… or who just need to settle arguments! Kick your friends into the sun and burn them to a crisp.

Install instructions

Installing Icarus:

Unzip the 'Icarus.exe' download file, and you're ready to play.


Icarus v1.03 (1).exe 80 MB

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